Sunday, March 24, 2019

Raining Del Vecchio's

It's raining Del Vecchio's!

This is a blog about my 3rd and 4th Del Vecchio guitars. Take a look at one of my previous blogs titled "twins?"

The first guitar below is pretty special to me. In the U.S. if you are familiar with Chet Atkins, you may have seen one similar to this. It's call a Dinamico and it's similar to the traditional resonator but quite different at the same time. The tones are hauntingly beautiful to match the guitar!

Del Vecchio started making their resonators models in the 1930s. This one was probably made some time in the 1960s. There were different version made with varying numbers of sounds holes or "bocas".

The Dinamico is a single cone style, wooden resonator with a biscuit bridge. It keeps to its roots with a traditional classical guitar neck and is strung with either nylon or silk and steel strings.

Take a look at the photos below and make sure to check out the video!


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