Friday, March 2, 2018

Let's go to a B3 Vintage guitar show! Greenville, SC 2018

Hello there!  Welcome back to our weekly guitar blog!

Once a year, B3 Vintage holds a guitar convention in Spartanburg, SC among other areas within the United States.

This particular show is held in a decent venue with plenty of vendors from all over the U.S. and offers great opportunity to buy/sell/trade gear.

I brought an Epiphone EA-250 just in case I found something I wanted to trade towards.  We'll show you more about it in a future blog!

This is my second year to attend the show and what a treat! The entry was $10 but let me tell you; it was well worth it. Also if you bring an instrument you get a $1 discount. Here is a sample of what we saw!

You never know what you might find and there are traveling vendors from all walks of life with cool guitars and other gear. Check out this gourgeous Palir electric guitar!

You also don't know who you might run into. I ran into a coworker at the show. (Sorry it wasn't Jewel; I know that's who you were hoping for. ;)

I also ran into the friendly staff from Cream City Music. These are the guys I sold "The one that got away" to. I asked him to keep an eye out for the Gibson J45/50 and if he found another to keep me in mind. The good news is, I think I felt a little closure. I never knew you could become so enthralled in an instrument... I still miss it but I dont feel as bad and my new J55 will keep me well occupied for now!

Unfortunately I left empty handed. (We'll write up a few blogs in the future on the Epiphone and J55 so stay tuned!)

Here are a few more photos from the show.

Interested in going?
Here is the current full schedule:

I hope you enjoyed this blog and I'll see you at the next show.

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